The Business Aspects of Being a Professional Writer

The Business Aspects of Being a Professional Writer
Price: $25.00

Presented by Gary Hensley

8-9 p.m. (EST), June 4


Whether you’re a beginning or an established writer, learn how to keep more of your writing income. In plain language, veteran tax advisor Gary will address business organization, how to determine if assignments are financially viable, and tax strategies.


He will review:

● The Best Business Organization for Writers

● How to Obtain Optimal Business Results

● Your Best Accounting Choice: Cash Basis

● How to Act Like a Business

● Form 1099 Requirements

● How to Avoid Contact with the IRS

● Four Tax Forms You Need to Understand

● Allowable Business Expenses


Gary A. Hensley is a 35-year veteran in the fields of accounting, auditing, and federal taxation. Gary has served as a tax consultant to the Ford Motor Company and an auditor with the Michigan Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service, working for national and local CPA firms, and managing his own practice. Gary has had numerous articles in publications such as Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Yearbook, Christian Communicator, and Writers Journal.