Tips for Creating a Niche Market

Depositphotos_5926695_xsI’ve written children’s books, curriculum, articles, nonfiction books, and fiction for adults and young people. I did almost any kind of writing to establish myself — and to pay my bills.

But a few years ago, I finally learned to create a niche market — when I started writing humorous and inspirational books for senior adults.

Gettin’ Old Ain’t For Wimps and Help, Lord! I’m Having a Senior Moment have been bestsellers, and my other books on the quirks and perks of aging are also attracting older readers. I like writing for this group, and they seem to look forward to what I’ll do next.

Fill in the Blanks

If you have a niche you want to write for, consider using this formula to create and maintain that groove.

Complete each sentence as it relates to the writing you wish to do — article, book, novel, or blog. (For each, I offer my own answer as an example.)

1. I want to say: ______________________.

. . . that life in the senior zone can be full of love and laughter and the joy of the Lord if we focus on the blessings of each day, give thanks in all things no matter the circumstances, and walk in faith and trust.

2. I want to say it because: ______________________.

. . . I see too many older people consumed with their pain and problems, regrets and fears.

3. I want to reach people who are: ______________________.

. . . in the last half of life and need a pep talk or two.

4. I want readers to take away: ______________________.

 . . . encouragement, inspiration, and reasons to keep living and laughing.

5. I want to glorify God: ______________________.

. . . by pointing to Him in everything I write.

Karen O’Connor is a Guild mentor and the author of more 75 books, many of them humorous nonfiction for seniors. Visit her at At the Writing for the Soul conference, Karen will teach six classes in the nonfiction track and the craft & career track:

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● Preparing a Selling Proposal

● How to Create a Niche Market

● Organizing Time, Space, and Thoughts

● Taking Your Career Seriously

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    I am proof positive that this works – I have three blogs all about niche fashion needs and all get good traffic because people are desperate to find the things I post about eg. fashionable clothes they can breastfeed in. I know I’m not the best writer in the world and not a stylist either, but I know my target markets!

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