Power to Write

Depositphotos_17973485_xsRunning on batteries, my laptop still works fine. I can write devotionals and personal experience articles, and I can edit books that will minister to others.

Until I get a low-power warning. If I ignore that, my laptop soon shuts down.

It’s much the same with me. I’ve found I can minister even when I’m not plugged in for recharge times with God.

I have reserve power from Scriptures I memorized years ago. I also glean spiritual energy from the biblically-based material I edit. I can work on reserves for a long time.

But if I don’t recharge, I won’t write at full efficiency. I’ll slow down, get weary, lose focus, heart, and purpose. Increasingly, my spirit won’t be into it, and I’ll soon be useless.

Whatever my battery capacity, it’s better to stay plugged in.

Jeanette Littleton, a CWG mentor, writes and edits in Kansas City. She is seeking anecdotal manuscripts for compilation books she’s editing (including Jesus Stories for Jim Bell and Bethany House). To receive her project guidelines, email her at Jeanette@Sliceoflifebooks.com.

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