Browsing the literature at a writers conference, I didn’t expect to find a title I’d want to buy. Then I saw the five-by-seven promo card for a January release. One glance was all it took.

I drank in a mid-1940s New York street scene including Harlem’s Apollo theater. The title, Nobody Knows, evoked the famous spiritual — which I didn’t know was connected with Harry T. Burleigh. Nor did I know that Burleigh, as the subtitle proclaimed, was “one of the most influential figures in American music.”

2013 12 12 Scheer nobody knows cover (3)From serving on faculty at conferences I knew the author, Craig von Buseck. His credibility as a writer sealed the deal. As a student of American music of the early twentieth century, I needed this book.

The back of the card’s headline text and short paragraph affirmed the decision I’d made in less than ten seconds. This book would deliver the kind of information I want.

For me, the endorsement by Eric Metaxas, author of the bestselling biography Bonhoeffer, was redundant. The evidence in favor of Nobody Knows was already pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

That evening I asked Craig for some previews of the story. I took a few extra cards since I know a singer who gives educational concerts on African-American composers and musicians. She doubtless knows others who will also want the book.

Craig outlined his plans for its launch. I suggested ideas, but they all matched ones he’d put into place. Considering how well he’d hooked me as a part of his target audience, I should have known.

The early months of next year will tell if Craig’s plans succeed. As always, God gives the increase. But Craig’s put himself in a position where success shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Andy Scheer, the Guild’s editor in chief, often teaches at writers conferences. At Writing for the Soul, he’ll join Jerry B. Jenkins in conducting four “Thick-skinned Manuscript Clinics” and also teach a class on “Fiction Proposal Essentials.”

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