5 Simple Ways to Build a Great Relationship With Your Editor

Writing for the Soul

Writing for the Soul

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1. Send a thank-you note immediately after receiving an assignment or contraEditor's choice number one award badge on whitect. It doesn’t have to be elaborate — just a quick handwritten note.

2. Find out the editor’s birthday and send a card. An e-card is fine.

3. Inquire about their hobbies and occasionally ask about them.

4. Exchange a family photo or two. It sometimes helps my focus to look at my editor’s picture while working on a project.

5. Visit the editor if possible. The time I spent recently with the people who publish my books energized our relationship. I also visit my magazine editor once a year when I’m in the area on vacation.

You don’t have to do all five.  it makes in your dealings with your editor.

Karen O’Connor is a Guild mentor and the author of more 75 books, many of them humorous nonfiction for seniors. Visit her at www.karenoconnor.com. At the Writing for the Soul conference, Karen will teach six classes in the nonfiction track and the craft & career track:
● How to Develop a Book Series
● Include Personal Experience in Your Nonfiction Books
● Preparing a Selling Proposal
● How to Create a Niche Market
● Organizing Time, Space, and Thoughts
● Taking Your Career Seriously

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