Essential Backstory

Essential Backstory
Essential Backstory
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August 15, 2013

Essential Backstory

presented by DiAnn Mills


Not to be confused with a flashback (which may reveal backstory), backstory is what your point of view character experienced before chapter one. It provides you a foundation for their behavior throughout your story.


Handled well, backstory can be fresh, thrilling, and confidential. As you write, those events and circumstances become your gold mine. The more you learn of a character's history, the easier you’ll find it to project how they’ll act. But first you must discover what part of your character’s backstory is vital and what is superfluous.


In this session we’ll consider:

1. Using backstory to enhance characterization

2. How backstory determines motivation

3. Ways to define backstory through emotion and symbolism

4. Where backstory fits into plotting


\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"DiAnn Mills, author of more than fifty books, serves as a Craftsman mentor for the Christian Writers Guild. Her titles have appeared on the CBA and ECPA bestseller lists and have won American Christian Fiction Writer’s Carol Awards and Inspirational Reader’s Choice awards. DiAnn won a Christy Award in 2010 and 2011. Her most recent book is The Dance of Character & Plot.