Cut, Polish, and Energize Webinars

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Cut, Polish, and Energize webinars


"Thick-Skinned Fiction Critique" by Jerry B. Jenkins

During his popular 'Thick-Skinned Critique' webinar, Jerry will evaluate the first page of randomly selected submissions, showing you:

  • What editors and agents will always notice
  • How he would edit it
  • What steps should be taken next

The names of those who submit samples are never revealed. While Jerry’s critiques are honest and direct, they’re always constructive.

Jerry B. Jenkins is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 180 books, including the Left Behind series.


"Personal Edits for the Professional Writer" by DiAnn Mills

Your job is not to merely create a manuscript, but also to edit and revise it as many times as necessary to offer readers your very best. This webinar will teach you how to cut the flab, sharpen your prose, and self-edit like a pro.

DiAnn Mills is the bestselling author of 50 books and has sold more than 1.5 million copies. Her Sworn to Protect won a 2011 Christy Award in the Contemporary Romance Category. Breach of Trust won the same award in 2010. Her latest is The Chase. DiAnn is the Craftsman mentor for the Christian Writers Guild.


"Seven Secrets of Vigorous Prose" by Andy Scheer

It’s easy for extra words to creep into prose—then go unnoticed as you edit. Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, they add up like verbal flab.

In this practical webinar, CWG Editor-in-Chief Andy Scheer teaches you how to spot the seven places extra words accumulate, edit with accuracy, and make your writing lean and lively.

Andy works with content creation, including course revisions, our WordSmith newsletter, and web copy. He also coordinates our Operation First Novel contest.