Viewpoint: Hooking and Holding Readers

Viewpoint: Hooking and Holding Readers
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September 26, 2013

Viewpoint: Hooking and Holding Readers

presented by Kathy Tyers


Fiction readers like to feel as if they’ve been carried away into another time and place. Writing in limited third-person viewpoint gives readers that delicious you-are-there sensation, with point of view (POV) as the capstone that holds together the whole arch of writing skills.


Kathy will share practical tips on how to draw readers into your story and keep them there:

● why fiction appeals

● establishing story time

● putting on the viewpoint character’s glasses

● seeing story and setting through his or her eyes

● your antagonist’s point of view

● skillful speaker attributions


Kathy Tyers will serve as mentor for the Christian Writers Guild’s upcoming Craftsman fiction class. She has published eleven novels in the Christian and general markets, including two authorized novels for the Star Wars expanded universe, and the most recent additions to her Firebird series: Wind and Shadow and Daystar. Greenbrier Books has recently re-released two of her Bantam Spectra science fiction titles as ebooks: Crystal Witness and Shivering World, with One Mind’s Eye to follow shortly. Kathy makes her home in Montana.