Energy, Emotion, and Dialogue Webinars

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These archived sessions will help you prepare your contest entry. Buy two webinars, get one free (a $25 savings)

"Raising the Stakes: How to Write High-Energy Scenes" by DiAnn Mills

To keep readers turning pages, you must have unique characters with believable backstories and different goals. In ‘Raising the Stakes,’ author and Craftsman mentor DiAnn Mills outlines the seven key areas in which you should build tension and drama:

  • character
  • plot
  • dialogue
  • emotion
  • setting
  • symbolism
  • narrative


"Evoking Emotion in Your Reader" by Angela Hunt

Novel readers want to be thrilled, moved, amused, excited, frightened, or some combination of those. Angela Hunt will demonstrate how to evoke such emotions.


"Mastering Dialogue" by Dennis E. Hensley

In this entertaining and pragmatic one-hour session, Doc Hensley will give an eight-point overview of the function of dialogue in character development, presenting back story, advancing plotlines, and invoking humor, shock, or surprise.

He will outline techniques that will make your dialogue distinctive, intriguing, and compelling.

Doc is the author of more than 150 short stories and six novels, as well as eight textbooks on professional writing. He holds a Ph.D. in literature and linguistics and is the director of the professional writing department at Taylor University.