How to Write a Powerful Memoir

How to Write a Powerful Memoir
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November 5 Webinar

8:00 to 9:00 p.m., Eastern time

How to Write a Powerful Memoir

Presented by Virelle Kidder


Your memoir can be the most powerful writing you ever do. Learn to develop a compelling memoir that:

● reads like a novel

● has a meaningful theme

● links the beginning and ending

● speaks life-changing truth into a reader’s heart


This session will help you:

● identify images that best convey your message

● tell painful stories that involve others — and know when to omit them

● unpack such writing tools as careful structure, word choice, point of view, and scene setting


Open your memory bank, and let’s get started!


Virelle Kidder is a CWG mentor, the author of six nonfiction books and countless articles in national magazines, and also a conference speaker. Her memoir, The Best Life Ain’t Easy, but It’s Worth It, was published by Moody.