Building Your Social Media Platform: Payment Plan

Building Your Social Media Platform: Payment Plan
Down Payment: $150.00
When you sign up you will be charged a $150 down payment. Your credit card will then be automatically charged 3 consecutive monthly payments of $125, transacted on the 20th of each month. The total tuition under this plan is $525. Course materials will be sent after the down payment is processed.
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You want your message widely distributed and your readers to connect with it. You need a platform, but where to start? In eight lessons, you can be on your way.

  • Become adept with social media and learn ways to make money with it
  • Receive exclusive one-on-one instruction, encouragement, and support from an experienced mentor via email
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of building your online presence through proper netiquette, tribe-building, newsletters, search engine optimization, and more
Course Details
Course Length Four months
Number of Lessons Eight
Prerequisites None