Writing for the Soul 2012 (All Recordings)

Writing for the Soul 2012 (All Recordings)
Price: $160.00

Relive the inspiration and instruction of Writing for the Soul 2012—with audio recordings from many of the keynotes and sessions. Enhance the notes you took or experience the sessions you missed. You will receive a flash drive in the mail containing all sessions.

This Package Includes:

Keynote Addresses

  1. Sammy Tippit on Suffering (Friday Morning). Keynote address.
  2. Dennis E. Hensley on the Meaning of Life (Friday Noon). Keynote address.
  3. Richard Lederer on the Power of Words (Friday Evening). Keynote address.
  4. Davis Bunn on Success (Saturday Morning). Keynote address.
  5. Barbara Nicolosi on Heroes for a Cynical World (Saturday Noon). Keynote address
  6. Todd Starnes: His Testimony (Saturday Evening). Keynote address.
  7. Sammy Tippit on the Journey into the Presence of God (Sunday Morning). Keynote address.


Continuing Classes

  1. Building Your Platform. If your publisher did nothing to market your book, could you fill the gap? You might have to. Randy Ingermanson
  2. Jesus in the Newsroom. Continuing Class. Is it possible for a Christian writer to experience professional success in a secular newsroom and be a light for Christ? Todd Starnes
  3. Paradigm Shift: Publishing in the 21st Century. Continuing Class. In publishing, everything is changing. Where is your place in this brave new publishing world? Dave Lambert
  4. Symbolism. Continuing Class. Learn to understand literary symbols and incorporate them into your writing to provide deeper meaning to your plots. Dennis E. Hensley
  5. Using the Internet and Technology to Share Your Story. Continuing Class. Discover the keys to using technology to reach your audience. Shift from generating hits to building a viable, interactive community. Friday recording only. T. Suzanne Eller
  6. Using Visual Imagery in Your Writing. Continuing Class. Movies have changed how people read. Successful fiction creates and exploits visual images. Barbara Nicolosi



  1. A Beautiful Story: Why Aristotle Still Matters. Workshop. Learn about the urgency of leading your readers to a catharsis of fear and pity. Barbara Nicolosi
  2. Effective Website Design for Writers. Workshop. Techniques to interest your viewers and present your content effectively online. Includes site reviews. Matt Brown
  3. Extreme Journalism Makeover. Workshop. Ways to build your writing portfolio quickly writing for your local newspaper. Todd Starnes
  4. Harnessing the Power of Critique Groups. Workshop. Learn to build a successful group by avoiding pitfalls and establishing an agenda and format that meets members’ needs. DiAnn Mills
  5. Plotting with the Snowflake Method. Workshop. Learn this unique plan of designing a novel. Randy Ingermanson
  6. Working with an Editor. Workshop. The best books are the result of an amicable, collaborative partnership between author and editor. See how an editor and an author worked together through seven books. Dave Lambert and Davis Bunn.
  7. Writing Devotions. Workshop. Discover endless ideas for devotionals. Learn five formats often used. Dennis E. Hensley


Some sessions, because of contractual agreements or technical difficulties, are not available.