Using Visual Imagery in Your Writing

Using Visual Imagery in Your Writing
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With Barbara Nicolosi

Movies have changed how people read. Successful fiction needs to create and exploit visual images. Learn three ways to do this, as well as how visual imagery can be lyrical and what you can learn from the power of poetry.

First hour: Christian Writers need to be Poets
What is it that makes a story work? How do you lead people to wrestle with the Truth? To engage the heart and mind, writers must charge up more than the emotions. A good novel includes Art, Story, and Entertainment. 

Second hour: Creating Visual Strategies
Stories are visual in terms of what you show (the lyrical meaning), how you reveal what you show (your composition), and what you do afterward (how you juxtapose the images).

Third hour: Haunting Your Readers
What is a paradox and why are they so powerful in the arts? In this hour, look at some haunting moments in storytelling from Flannery O’Connor and examine the “haunting moment loop.”

Fourth hour: Haunting Your Readers: Examples
More examples of haunting storytelling, this time from the movies: Up, The Queen, Hope Floats, and Of Gods and Men. What can a storyteller learn from these visual stories?

Barbara Nicolosi is a screenwriter and the founder of Act One, Inc., which trains Christians for careers in Hollywood. She has a master’s in cinema from Northwestern University and is an adjunct professor of screenwriting and cinema at Pepperdine University. She co-wrote the movie Mary, Mother of the Christ for MGM and is the co-editor of Behind the Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film, and Culture (Baker Books).

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