Paradigm Shift: Publishing in the 21st Century

Paradigm Shift: Publishing in the 21st Century
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With Dave Lambert

In publishing, everything is changing: ebook popularity, the crash in retail sales, the increasing emphasis on best-sellers, the growing ability of authors to bypass publishers, the explosion in digital technology, and more. Where is your place in this brave new publishing world?

First hour: The Brave New World of Publishing
Examine changes in publishing house ownership patterns, rapid developments in technology, the empowerment of authors, and more.

Second hour: You are here
Your relationship with the publishers, retailers, marketers, and publicists was complex before the ground shifted—it’s more so now.

Third hour: Writer or Techno-Geek?
Many writers just want to write, yet most publishers expect you to do more. Learn which innovations to use and how to find partners that will help you thrive.

Fourth hour: And Next Year?
The only thing to say with assurance about the publishing world is that it will change even more in the next two years. How will that affect you?

Dave is the author of 10 books, including the gold medallion award-winning Jumper Fables, co-authored with Ken Davis, and the novel The Missionary, co-authored with Bill Carmichael. He spent 18 years as an editor at Zondervan. Dave is a member of the Guild’s Editorial Board, heads Lambert Editorial Services, and is editorial director for Somersault, a publishing services bureau. Epitaph, a novel co-authored with Terri Blackstock, releases in the fall.

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