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With Dennis E. Hensley

Learn to understand literary symbols and incorporate them into your writing to provide deeper meaning to your plots.

First hour: A Primer on the Use of Symbolism
Symbolism has a psychological impact on the conscious and subconscious minds of readers. Understand the symbolic meaning of colors, numbers, and objects to convey deeper meaning to readers.

Second hour: Literary Symbolism in Characters
Characters are defined by the ethnic, regional, or cultural influences of their names, habits, and families. However, symbolically, they can be further defined by how they dress, the objects they carry, and the words they speak.

Third hour: Symbolism in Settings
Quality fiction makes use of setting to convey spiritual, cultural, environmental, religious, and educational aspects of the characters—and more. Learn through examples from movies, stage plays, short stories, and novels.

Fourth hour: Putting Symbolism to Work
Dissect a work of classic literature (provided) to discover how master writers use symbols to convey subconscious messages to readers. Students will take home a model for their own stories.

Dennis is the author of 52 books. His textbooks on writing include How to Write What You Love and Make a Living at It (Random House) and Writing for Profit (Thomas Nelson Co.). He is director of the professional writing major at Taylor University and is a contributing editor and columnist for Writer's Journal and Advanced Christian Writer.

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