Who’s Your Boss?

Every time I begin a new writing project, I panic.

  • Can I do this again?
  • Will my readers like the characters?
  • Is my plot credible?
  • Are there enough twists and turns?
  • Will my critique buddies keep me accountable?

Then I remember who my Boss is.

Your calling
You may have thought writing would free you of the worries and hassles of having a boss. No clocking in. No arriving early and staying late . Taking breaks, even days off, whenever you please.

Then you discovered all the demands on your time: Publishers, agents, editors, copy editors, publicists, critique partners, readers—and don’t forget your family.

But remember Who your real boss is—the One who called you into the writing ministry.

Your job, your passion
Think back to when your writing dream began. The urge and excitement to communicate through the written word became so prevailing you didn’t know what to do. You were infused with power and passion. Your call was alive and undeniable. God had called you and you eagerly sought to learn the craft.

It’s a process
God purposed you to write, but He didn’t include a timetable for publication. The tools of the craft weren’t immediately drop-shipped into your brain. (Wouldn’t that be nice?)

This wild, sweet gift of writing is a lot like the road David walked in the Bible. He discovered his Boss at a young age and clung to Him all the days of his life.

  • David didn’t take the throne immediately. He had much to learn.
  • David battled lions and bears to build strength, courage, and endurance.
  • David’s family didn’t understand who he was or what he was attempting to accomplish.
  • David was victorious over Goliath (think publishing) through using his skills and trusting in God.
  • David faced rejection from Saul, his wife Mikel, and his friends and family.
  • David sinned and had to ask for forgiveness.
  • David never gave up. He had hope, which means he waited for the Lord to fulfill His promises.

We use words to entertain, inspire, and teach. That’s what God wants. Like David we can dream, learn, obey—and reach our purpose.

DiAnn Mills is an award-winning author and the Craftsman mentor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. Visit her at  www.diannmills.com.


  1. Angela Erum says

    Amen. The Lord God is our Boss. He is the Audience of One. Thank you for writing this article! It definitely encourages & inspires me to write for Him! I’m just new in this guild & just enrolled for Writing Essentials.

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