The How-To Article: Your Passport to Publication

Karen O'Connor

People are looking for help. Sales want to succeed. Spouses wonder how to improve communication. Christians desire a closer relationship with God. There’s a need for tips on everything you can imagine—cooking, shopping, house-cleaning—and more.

I’ve written how-to articles on parenting, office etiquette, home schooling, prayer, and organization. Other articles imply a how-to angle. These are self-help pieces and may have titles like, “Becoming Friends With God,” “Bouncing Back From Fear,” or “Hospitality on the Run.”

Be alert to life

Look for ideas in your own backyard. I was a mother, former schoolteacher, and volunteer librarian. Those experiences helped me write articles on children, books, camping, and parents as teachers. You have a wealth of information and experience.

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  1. says

    Hi Ms. Karen!

    Thanks for the article. That’s my homework for this week. I’ll be using ALL your tips in a few hours.

    I take the homework, create full articles and submit to editors. Thanks to you guys I am steadily published even while I learn.

    You just can’t beat the Guild.

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