Enhance Your Writing with Quotes

You know at least 200 people—each an expert in some way. Use their quotes for your articles, essays, and books, and sell more.

Experience counts
In writing for The Lookout magazine on how mothers make time for themselves, I sent out an email to women asking, “What is the primary way you take care of yourself to avoid burn out?” Within hours I had more than enough material.

For an article on men who meet weekly for prayer, I gathered quotes from husbands and fathers that deepened my readers’ appreciation of the challenges men face. The men gave my article variety, texture, and a richness that comes only from real-life quotes.

What are people saying? Ask questions. Find an angle that will yield an article or two for a specialty magazine. Your hairdresser may have tips for teens on hair care. Your mechanic might have advice for a how-to piece on home auto maintenance.

Be alert
You do business with professionals each day: dry cleaner, postal clerk, health care worker. What are they telling you? Can you pass that on to others in an article?

I’ve written articles on careers for teens. They were easy to put together because of the quotes I included from people in my sphere of influence. I covered court reporting, horseshoeing, astronomy, and oceanography––all topics I knew little about before I started asking questions.

Karen O’Connor is a mentor for Christian Writers Guild and an award-winning author of books and articles for children and adults. Visit her at: www.karenocconor.com.

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