Beyond Books and Mags: Dare To Wander (Part 1)

Sometimes at conferences and in our groups, we writers get stuck thinking about writing in two main areas: books and magazine articles.

But—the world of writing is so much broader. Those two outlets are only the beginning of what you can do.

Over the next two weeks, let’s explore some alternatives. Dare to wander into other areas of writing and see where you can shine.

  • Curriculum and educational tools. Nearly every Sunday school class uses curriculum every week. Add to that the educational programs churches offer—for adults and kids.

    If you have training in education, or if you’ve ever created curriculum, write to publishers, send them samples (or ask for a test assignment), and ask about working for them. Consider creating home school resources, or working with public school curriculum.

  • Scripts. How about preparing plays for your church or writers organization? A short skit can pack much punch—and the world of Christian drama is opening up, er, dramatically.

    Or, what about radio scripts? Organizations need them for childrens’ programs, but also for others. If you listen to a regular radio program, you can be sure someone is writing the script.

    Into politics? Consider script/speech writing for your favorite candidates.
  • Promotional materials. Maybe you can make events, programs, or products sound exciting? Have you helped with campaigns in your church? All kinds of organizations and companies can use your help!

    Promotion includes more than making events sound appealing. You could use writing skills to help organizations build a strong donor base or conduct public relations.
  • Games. You have a fondness for words, so consider creating crossword and word search puzzles, logic problems, and other word games. There are many monthly game magazines. Or how about games for Sunday school take-home papers? Group games? Youth Specialties, in El Cajon, California, is always looking for games to pass on to youth workers—so are other publishers.
  • Songwriting. Catch yourself humming new tunes and creating your own words? Don’t write it off as daydreaming—pursue it! (If you ever meet me and want a laugh, ask about my country/western song idea!)

Next week we’ll look at another collection of alternatives to books and magazines.

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