Beyond Books and Mags: Dare To Wander (Part 2)

Photo: Jeanette Littleton

In my last post, I shared writing opportunities beyond books and magazines. Here are a few more.

  • Instruction materials/Technical writing

    Can you clearly and concisely explain how to do tasks? Maybe technical writing is for you. Use your gift to help your church or other organization create practical tools such as job or procedures manuals. Search “technical writing” online and a whole new world can open up.
  • Bible studies and Bible helps

    Someone has to write the copy for that book of Bible maps, why not you? I was thrilled a few years ago to be one of the writers and editors on the Quest Study Bible.
  • Hobby materials

    Are you a great cook? Why not write recipes? Can you explain how to crochet, do needlework, or woodworking? Instruct those who didn’t grow up with such skills.
  • News summaries

    Do you like current events? Write news summaries for publications, radio and television stations, press services, and more. I’ve done this for one publication for seven years. I feel my smartest and most in-tune with the world when I meet my news summary deadline—and get paid.
  • Miscellaneous

    Wait, a miscellaneous bullet point for an article comprised of miscellaneous writing opportunities? Why not? How about coloring books? Cartoon strips? Comic books? Public service booklets? What about brochures for historical sites? Books of facts and statistics? Maybe you can write joke books.

Now, use your favorite brainstorming method and expand these ideas. Create your list of places to wander as a writer. Tackle a new genre for fun and excitement—not to mention experience and (possibly) income.

Don’t be afraid to present your ideas to the proper people. An author I know approached a publisher cold turkey with some cartoons only to find out they’d been praying for exactly what he brought. Maybe you, and your writing talents, can be someone else’s answer to prayer.

Dare to wander in your writing and discover new opportunities.

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