Partial Manuscript Critiques

Jerry on Critiques


Submit up to 15 pages of your prose, fiction or nonfiction. and our editorial review team will assess your strengths and shortcomings as a writer.

Our editorial team will review your sample and prepare a report commenting on how well the sample conveys its message, as well as note problems with presentation, pacing, and personalization. Finally, we’ll address its publication potential.

The idea is to provide you with an evaluation that speaks not only to the specific sample but to your general writing style and approach.

The critique is done in mutual anonymity — your name will be removed from your sample prior to passing it on to our editorial review team, and you’ll never know the name of your reviewer. This allows complete honesty from both sides and eliminates any concern that the comments are somehow personal.

Please allow six weeks for your sample to be critiqued.

We’re sorry, but we do not review poetry, picture books, play scripts, or screenplays.

Formatting guidelines

  • Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt
  • Double space your copy (no extra space between paragraphs)
  • One space between sentences
  • Align left justification, not full.
  • 1” top and bottom margins; 1.25” side margins
  • Microsoft Word .doc file format

Submissions must not contain profanity, sexually explicit content, or excessive violence.


1-5 Pages (1,500 Words Max)

  • Non-Members: $40
  • Members: $36

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6-10 Pages (2,500 Words Max)

  • Non-members: $80
  • Members: $72

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11-15 Pages (3,500 Words Max)

  • Non-members: $120
  • Members: $108

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CWG Member Free Critique Procedure:

To redeem your free, annual 1,500-word partial critique that’s included with your Guild membership, email your manuscript as an attached .doc file to:

Mark the subject line: “Free CWG Member Critique”