Happy Trails, Stephen Bly

Christian Writers Guild mentor and long-time friend Stephen Bly passed away recently after battling prostate cancer for five years.

He and his wife Janet Chester Bly have been mentors with the Guild many years, sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with scores of students.

Jerry B. Jenkins, owner of the Guild, was one of Stephen’s first publishers and remembers him as a plain-spoken cowboy, a moniker he embraced. “You always knew where Steve stood, and that was refreshing. He was a master titler of books, besides being a fascinating storyteller. One of my favorite Bly titles is One Went to Denver and the Other Went Wrong. My youngest son was one of Steve’s biggest fans. I already miss him.”

Stephen authored and co-authored with his wife many articles, short stories and cowboy poetry, plus more than a hundred contemporary and historical novels for adults, teens, and kids.

His historical western, Throw The Devil Off The Train, was released in May. Janet wrote the Guild, “A few days ago Steve asked, ‘Did we throw the devil off the train?’ I said, ‘Yes, we did’ and showed him again the cover.”

What more fitting way for Stephen, who was also a pastor, to leave this world for the next than by throwing the devil off the train?

Stephen was a winner and finalist for the prestigious Christy Award for Christian Western Novels for The Long Trail Home, Last of the Texas Camp, The Outlaw’s Twin Sister, and Picture Rock.

A few days before his death, he was dictating scenes for Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot. Janet and his sons, Russ, Mike, and Aaron, hope to finish the novel for him for a 2012 release.

Stephen’s many titles are available at: http://www.BlyBooks.com.


  1. Faith Ward says

    Steve was truly a man that wore many hats and I don’t think anyone wore them any better. He was an inspirational person who lived with grace, dignity, faithfulness and he was humble to ‘boot.’ He shall be missed by many.

  2. Carol Gibson says

    Stephen and Janet were my first mentors in the Apprenticeship course and I still have their insights, input and advice. The best was “hang this above your computer: Use the 5 senses in everything you write.” Let the reader savor your work. It was very good advice.

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