Elite Critiques

Ever wished a New York Times bestselling author would help you refine your writing?

Jerry B. Jenkins, who has more than 180 titles in print and more than 70 million copies sold, will personally critique up to 10 pages of your fiction or nonfiction manuscript in an Elite Critique.*

Jerry will provide:

  • An extensive edit and rewrite
  • A thorough written commentary on your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • An assessment of your manuscript’s readiness for publication
  • Suggestions for market options
  • A list of helpful insider tips for writers serious about their craft
  • A personalized and signed copy of his book Writing for the Soul.

Apply Jerry’s detailed comments to the rest of your manuscript to enhance your ability to sell your work.

Your critiquer

While Jerry is best known for writing the Left Behind series, he has also published the trilogy of Soon, Silenced, and Shadowed, and what he considers his masterwork, Riven, among many others. His most recent book is I, Saul. Its sequel, I, Paul, is expected to release late in 2014.

He has also written high profile biographies—including those of many superstar professional athletes—and assisted Billy Graham with Just As I Am. His written works include numerous motivational, devotional, and marriage and family titles.

Jerry serves as a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest, and has been a sports editor, editor of four national magazines, book editor, book publisher, and vice president for publishing. He has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in national magazines, including TIME, Reader’s Digest, Guideposts, Christianity Today, and Parade.

Pricing and submission

*All fees received from Elite Critiques by Jerry B. Jenkins support the Christian Writers Guild’s ministry of training writers. Jerry accepts no personal income from the Guild.

A limited number of Elite Critiques are available due to Jerry’s intense writing schedule. A complete critique (for up to 10 pages, as outlined above): $1,000.

Full critiques will be returned within 30 days of receipt of manuscript.

For payment and submission guidelines contact the Guild office at 866.495.5177 or ContactUs@christianwritersguild.com

Submissions must not contain profanity, sexually explicit content, or excessive violence.