Courses Overview

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Whether writing is your ministry or your career—or both—courses from the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild can help you achieve your goals.

Practical help and encouragement

For nearly 50 years, the Christian Writers Guild has trained people to sell their writing. The Guild offers a variety of email correspondence courses with practical instruction under the mentoring of a seasoned writing professional.

Get ready to enter the world of professional publishing. For each Guild course, we’ll match you with a hand-picked mentor — a widely experienced writer and editor who offers practical advice and coaching in response to the assignments you complete.

When you enroll in a course, we mail you a textbook with a series of lessons designed to instruct you in that area of writing. Each lesson concludes with writing assignments to enable you to put into practice what you just learned. You have two weeks to complete each lesson (four weeks at the Craftsman level).

You place your assigned writing in a Word document, which you email to your mentor. Within a week your mentor responds with coaching, correction, encouragement, and some editing — all designed to enable you to move ahead to your next lesson. Between the instruction and the twice-a-month professional feedback, it’s no wonder CWG students advance more quickly in the craft than those who attempt to learn on their own.

Choose your path (See our course map)

Course Map

We recommend you begin with Writing Essentials—a course that serves as your introduction to professional writing. From there, adult students (in fiction or nonfiction) have a choice:

Strengthen your core

Build your career for the long-term with our Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman courses.

Lay a firm foundation in both fiction and nonfiction in Apprentice. Then, choose one path and proceed to Journeyman and Craftsman, delving deeper into the craft, nurturing your passion, commitment, and creativity.

Select a tighter focus

If you know where your writing passion lies, our track of electives may be the choice for you.

Our concentrated courses, Articles That Sell and Fiction That Sells, help you hone your skills and get to the market quicker.


Taming social media

Social media is essential for success in today’s market. If creating your electronic presence intimidates you, take Building Your Social Media Platform and gain confidence using online tools.

Courses for youth

At the Guild we train and encourage younger writers as well, with courses both fun and challenging.

Preteens will expand their communication skills and creativity with our Page program, a four-unit course that prepares them for writing success.

Teens will learn to shape their ideas into publishable articles, blog posts, or stories in our Squire course—also four units.