College Credit

Option 1:

Taylor University Online, in partnership with the Christian Writers Guild, offers six transferable undergraduate courses, based on the Classic Apprentice and Journeyman courses. (Note: Students should check with their advisors to make sure the courses fit into the program they prefer.) All tuition costs are payable to Taylor University Online.

PWR313E and PWR314E (each two-semester credit hours) covers Sections I and II of the Classic Apprentice course. PWR323E (three semester credit hours) covers Section III, and PWR327E (three semester credit hours) covers section IV.

PWR423E and PWR427E (each three-semester credit hours) cover the more advanced Journeyman courses. These academic-track courses include additional readings and research/critical thinking papers. A mentor/professor with an advanced degree and both college teaching and professional writing experience will provide individualized feedback and grade your work. Tuition and costs are payable to Taylor University Online.


PWR313EArticle Writing I 2 Credits (Classic Apprentice Section I)
An introduction to writing from a Christian worldview and an overview of different writing genres, with an emphasis on writing articles for publication. Includes skills such as self-editing, interviewing techniques, developing vocabulary skills, and covering news.

PWR314EArticle Writing II 2 Credits (Classic Apprentice Section II)
A course concentrating on finding, evaluating, researching, and writing various kinds of nonfiction articles, choosing audience-appropriate subjects, self-editing, and revision.

PWR323ENonfiction and Scriptwriting 3 Credits (Classic Apprentice Section III)
Introductory course and workshop in the instruction and practice of writing nonfiction books and scriptwriting.

PWR327EIntroduction to Fiction Writing 3 Credits (Classic Apprentice Section IV)
Introductory course and workshop in the instruction and practice of writing fiction.


PWR423EAdvanced Nonfiction Writing 3 Credits (Journeyman level)
The course provides advanced academic instruction in applying ethical principles to the process of gathering, analyzing, and integrating information into powerful nonfiction books. The goal is to clearly and accurately communicate truth.

PWR427EAdvanced Fiction Writing 3 Credits (Journeyman level)
The course provides academic instruction in reviewing classic and current prominent fiction written from a Christian perspective, analyzing current fiction, and learning the basics of writing effective fiction. The goal is to clearly and accurately communicate themes that reflect a Christian worldview in an excellent and effective manner.

(The cost covers tuition and materials, and is payable to Taylor University Online. Cost does not include the extra textbook or periodical reading assignments.)

Course Number Course Title Credits Price
PWR313E Article Writing I 2 $750 tuition and materials
PWR314E Article Writing II 2 $750 tuition and materials
PWR323E Nonfiction and Scriptwriting 3 $1125 tuition and materials
PWR327E Introduction to Fiction Writing 3 $1125 tuition and materials
PWR423E Advanced Nonfiction Writing 3 $1125 tuition
PWR427E Advanced Fiction Writing 3 $1125 tuition


These courses also count toward an Associate of Arts Degree and/or a Professional Writing Certificate. For questions about fees, military and employer tuition reimbursement, and other aid and payment, contact Taylor University Online at or 1-800-845-3149. Visit their website.

You can also email the Christian Writers Guild at, or by mail,

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Option 2:

Independent Study through a college of your choice.

In some cases, a college may grant independent study credit based on their evaluation of our materials and the subject matter covered. The evaluation process will be different at every college. Call (866) 495-5177 or email us to receive sample assignments that you can supply to a college academic adviser for evaluation purposes. Under this scenario, payment for and administration of the course is handled directly through the Christian Writers Guild, but you’d have a separate arrangement with your college to receive independent study credit for your work. Depending on the college, there may be other tuition fees and academic requirements that they’ll assess in exchange for independent study credit.