Your Own Writing Miracle

I’m less than two chapters from finishing my latest project. And even though this is my 19th book, it feels as though I’m trying to pull my own wisdom teeth.

I want the scenes to flow easily from my brain, through my fingers, and onto the computer screen. I want the transitions to appear without my creating them. I want the historical details to be precise without having to double check.

In other words, I want a miracle. I want this book to write itself. There! That whine felt good.

Needing help
Of course, I invite the Lord into each work—page by page. But it also helps to remember the healing of the 10 lepers in Luke 17. As Jesus encountered the lepers “at a distance,” they called to Him, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us.”

Jesus said, “Go show yourselves to the priests.”

If I had been one of those lepers, I would have raised my hand.  “Uh, Lord, I know how this is supposed to work. First, you heal me, and then I go show myself to the priests.”

I’m glad none of the lepers had my mindset. The rest of verse 14 contains seven powerful words: “And as they went, they were healed.” They didn’t hang around and debate healing. They didn’t take two steps and say, “Well, that didn’t work.” They just started their journey and were healed.

Step by step
Books are written as we write. Words appear as we type. As we check historical details, new scenes present themselves. We can’t take one course, attend one conference, and then because we don’t see the six figure royalty check, give up. Keep on the journey.

I wish writing were as easy as my relatives think it is. I wish I could find a computer to read my mind, write the scenes, and then edit them. I wish I could sleep late, stroll into my office, and miraculously produce 5,000 words before the morning news is over.

But just as the lepers had to take action, so must I.

Sandra P. Aldrich is President and CEO of Bold Words, Inc. and a Christian Writers Guild mentor. Her 500-plus articles have appeared in Focus on the Family, Moody magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Discipleship Journal, and others.


  1. Peggy Kennedy says

    That would be so nice to have a computer edit–I have so many spelling errors and have to check more than normal because I have a little dyslexia and have wanted to give up on writing. Reading your article is so encouraging.
    Maybe writing is exactly what I should be doing.

  2. says

    I have been inviting the Lord into every writing venture since I began writing. From the first words I write in the morning, in my prayer journal.
    Now I am praying about attending the Christian Writer’s Guild.
    My heart wants that to be my next project and the launch pad for all my future writings for the Lord.

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