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Writing for the Soul

Writing for the Soul

Register for the 2013 Writing for the Soul conference here. Payment plan available.

You’ve always wanted to attend Writing for the Soul, and you know it will be the best next step to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals.

As admissions manager for the Christian Writers Guild, I hear from a lot of writers who want to come but say they can’t afford it. Yet if you begin planning early enough, you can make your dream a reality.

Try these tips:

● Become a Guild member. The annual fee of $99 a year instantly earns you a $225 discount off the conference fee. Plus, you’ll receive many additional benefits.

● Take advantage of the monthly payment plan.

● Put the conference on your Christmas or birthday list.

● Call the Guild office to request a roommate. Or recruit a writer friend or three to split the hotel costs.

● Even if you’re a novice writer, the conference is tax-deductible as an educational expense. (Check with your tax adviser.)

● Raise support. Many of our conference attendees have been sponsored by friends, family, church family, and in some cases, their employers.

We look forward to seeing you at Writing for the Soul!

CWG admissions manager Leilani Squires is a graduate of the professional writing program at Taylor University.

Photo credit: Stuart Miles

About Leilani Squires

Leilani Squires is the Admissions Manager for the Christian Writers Guild, and is a freelance writer and editor. She just completed her first semester of her masters studies, and is glad to be getting to bed at a reasonable hour—for the most part.
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