Writers’ Guidelines: Your Directions to Publication

I use Google maps frequently. Anytime I go somewhere I haven’t been, I map the place, print the directions, and head out. Usually, I arrive right where I want to be.

Don’t you wish editors had similar mapping guides to help you reach your publication goal? “Take a right at the illustration, go left at the Bible verse…travel five paragraphs until you reach a satisfying conclusion” and you’re there! You’ve sold your writing.


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    Having been re-bitten by the writing bug in recent months after years of thinking I’d never write again, I need to remember that all of what I write (like on my blog, for example) won’t be for everybody. I hope to get some of my messages and stories out to others, but only by writing well (of course) and to a targeted audience can I expect my words to be read outside of a few people.

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