Writer, Write Now!

As I teach at writers conferences, I notice almost everyone wants to write fiction. That’s great. I love novels. I write novels. In fact, I’ve written many of them. But I also know novel-writing is hard to master. I’m still learning the craft, and every book offers challenges.

Writing Resources

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Why wait?

So if you’re a would-be novelist, I encourage you: Don’t work only on your novel. When you feel that nudge, when a topic rouses your passion, start writing now and let your words make a difference.

I wrote brochures, catalog copy, and articles before I thought about writing a book. I wrote half a dozen picture books before I considered writing novels for children. I wrote about 30 novels for children before an editor suggested, “Why don’t you try writing for adults?”

I was learning while I wrote, plus I was earning a living. The income was important to my young family. But more important was knowing that my words were making a difference.

Your words are needed

I am delighted God is nudging so many to exercise their writing skills. Words have power, and books have the potential to change lives. A Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe altered the course of American history.

But don’t linger behind the curtain while you dream of publishing a book. If God has given you a way with words, exercise that gift every day. Our world needs to hear from people with Christian values and well-reasoned convictions. Your neighbors need to hear Truth proclaimed from the housetops and the editorial pages. Your denominational magazine needs articles that put a proper spine in jelly theology. We live in a dark world, and people are hungry for light.

Ready and willing

So while you’re working on that novel or short story, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to express yourself. Any writing for publication will hone your skills. Be willing to be used by God anywhere, and remember, obedience today is far more important than pursuing your dreams of tomorrow. God wants a servant He can use when He taps you on the shoulder and directs you to pick up a pen.

Nearly four million copies of Angela Hunt’s books have sold worldwide. She is the best-selling author of more than 100 works ranging from picture books and nonfiction books to novels. Her website is www.angelahuntbooks.com.


  1. Jon says

    Thanks for the excellent thoughts. I’m not what I’d consider a successful author (by far), but, I did a newsletter for my church for 7-8 years and it was blessing to receive encouraging words from people at my church. I felt like God used my words to bless others even though I wasn’t paid to be published.

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