Write Humor for Fun and Profit



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My class of kindergartners had been telling jokes about chickens crossing the road. So I told them one about the nickel and dime on the Empire State Building. Which one jumped? The nickel, because the dime had more cents.

Their faces dropped as fast as a cake baked with stale baking powder.

The joke wasn’t funny because I had the wrong audience. They didn’t get it, and I didn’t get them.

● Know your audience. I know middle-aged, slightly saggy, chocolate-crazed women. So I concentrate on them. If others laugh, it’s a bonus.

● Look at life from a positive angle. So I forgot to order forks for my daughter’s wedding reception, and men in expensive tuxedos ate with their fingers. It didn’t bother them. It won’t bother me—in a few years. Then I’ll write about it.

● Know that laughter is important. The Bible calls it good medicine.

Once when I was at the end of my rope as a care-giver, I confessed to my friend that my double-amputee father had given me the raspberries. “And I don’t mean fruit.”

My friend laughed so hard, her eyes watered.

That felt good. It was my turning point. I stopped taking myself so seriously—and began writing about it.

Maybe you can too. Start by trying to eat without a fork.

A graduate of the Christian Writers Guild’s Journeyman course, Pauline Hylton lives in Clearwater, Florida. Her articles have appeared in USA Today magazine, Your Life Guide to Women’s Health, and Tallahassee Woman.

Photo credit: Phaitoon

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2 Responses to Write Humor for Fun and Profit

  1. Janet L. Rockey says:

    Love the mental image of tuxedo-clad men eating with their fingers. Hey, they do it at Arabian Nights, don’t they?
    Great article, Pauline! :-)

  2. Kathryn says:

    Amen, sister. That’s the right attitude…thanks for the reminder. Life gives us lots of fodder. Time to put it to work for us! lol! Keep on writing girl! You made me smile. Love, Kathryn