What Is Your Writing Dream?

Photo: Yvonne Lehman

Yvonne Lehman

Your answer will vary according to your gifts, experience, expertise, and God’s leading. Christian writers generally want to glorify God, make a difference in the lives of readers, and use our talents and opportunities for good.

After I attended my first writers conference, my dream became to change the world, humbly accept the inevitable fame and fortune, and cheerfully give God 10 percent.


I was young and inexperienced, but that dream motivated me. When my first book was rejected, I wondered what had happened to God’s leading. Eventually, I realized I wasn’t accomplished, but I had potential. I returned to school and took every writing, English, and literature course available, one at a time.

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3 Responses to What Is Your Writing Dream?

  1. Janice Green says:

    Thanks for your encouraging article. Waiting can be so discouraging, but good things happen along the way to keep me encouraged.

  2. My writing dream is to write Christian romantic suspense novels to reach, touch, and heal hearts for God’s Kingdom.

  3. jennifer henson says:

    I am so encouraged by seeing how God worked through your life! Taking your dreams and making them into so much more. Praise the Lord!