What Does My Writing Need?

Time and again frustrated writers ask why editors don’t offer comments on the manuscripts they reject.

The reality is that editors are paid to edit and produce magazines or books, not to coach writers. Giving feedback would mean investing too much time (20 to 30 minutes, compared to 5 to 10 to simply read a manuscript) — as most always have dozens to read. They must focus on finding polished manuscripts, not helping authors get to that stage.

Sources of Feedback

So, where can writers find help to improve their skills?

Through a Christian Writers Guild course. Your mentor will give you the hard feedback and editing you need.

Through a writers’ conference. Many give you access to the editors you want to meet. You can learn through the classes they teach and show them some of your work for quick feedback.

Through webinars. Twice a month, CWG offers live online instruction from top teachers.

Through the CWG Critique Service. Experienced professionals thoroughly evaluate a sample of your writing — or a full manuscript.

Through local critique groups. Learn about these at bookstores in your city or through a local writers group.

Editors have a heart for writers, but they have to focus on those who are already publishable. So do your best to become one of those pros.

Jeanette Gardner Littleton, a CWG mentor, has been an editor for 30 years. She has edited more than 10,000 articles for a variety of publications, and several dozen books for publishers including Bethany House, Moody, Tyndale, and Guideposts.

About CWG:

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    I can’t figure out if God is telling me to hang it up or if satan is pulling me down as low as I can go. I’ve written a difficult and unique book. I had planned Christian publishing; then I was swamped with self-publishers. I put up a small website to offer free and small priced items on my topic, which will include my book when it’s published – having some trouble with it and I can’t reach my host/they won’t call back. 15 years and it’s ending up absolutely nowhere, and helping no one. I’d give my right arm if someone would help me find perspective. I can’t keep on running into brick walls; I really can’t.

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