What Do You Want For Christmas?

Call me a curmudgeon, but I’ve always felt skittish about telling someone what I want for a gift. Even the idea of engaged couples letting people know where they’re registered gives me pause—though every woman in my life says it’s just the perfect thing.

So, okay, you know someone—hopefully your spouse or a parent—is going to ask what you want this year.

I say tell ‘em.

“You really want to know?” (It’s okay to tease a little.)

“Of course.”

“I’ll tell you what would thrill me, but only because you asked.”

“Yes, I did.”

“No, I’d better not. It’s too much.”

By now, they’re practically begging for your wish. Plus they’re getting the picture that this is something you really, truly want. I don’t know about you, but if this were my wife doing the asking, I’d already be thinking about how I can make it work, regardless what it turns out to be.

“Out with it already.”

“Okay. I’ve always wanted to go to the Writing For the Soul conference. It’s in Denver this year, and Anne Graham Lotz—Billy Graham’s daughter—is one of the keynote speakers. Plus there’ll be a guy from Fox News Radio, a screenwriter from Hollywood, an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, America’s punster, and a whole bunch more. Writing classes and workshops all day, inspiration every evening—not to mention agents and editors to pitch my ideas to.”

“You really want this?”

“More than anything. It can be Christmas, birthday, anniversary all rolled into one.”

Worth a try, isn’t it? You have not because you ask not.

Jerry B. Jenkins is the author of more than 175 books, with sales of more than 70 million copies, including the best-selling Left Behind series. His latest novel is The Betrayal, the second book in the Precinct 11 series. Look for As Good As She Imagined, the story of Christina-Taylor Green, in January. Visit him online.

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