Webinars: Top-notch Education in Your Home

“The webinar was excellent; well organized, pulled off seamlessly, and the content was extremely helpful.” – Naomi Johnson

What are Webinars?
Short intense classes you take live over the internet. You don’t need a webcam or mic, just access to the internet for about an hour. Grab your pen and notepad, a cup of something hot and yummy, and log in to learn tricks and tips from writing professionals to help you grow.

The Christian Writers Guild hosts two webinars each month on various publishing and writing topics, presented by successful authors and speakers: Jerry B. Jenkins, Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Bill Myers, DiAnn Mills, McNair Wilson, Robin Jones Gunn, James Scott Bell, and others. For information about next month’s webinars,

Just for you: Register for the /webinars/”>November’s webinars free.

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