Today, I Am a Writer

Has your resolution to write 2,000 words a day turned into praying you can reach 2,000 words this month?

Perhaps, like me, you get so fixated on reaching a certain number that the words stop coming. The quota you set to encourage yourself now feels like a 20-pound stone.

This year I’m taking a different approach. At the end of each day I open the Top Secret Document on my laptop, type in the date, and add an entry like:

March 14, 2013 — Today, I am a writer. I developed an article idea for the Christian Writers Guild. I also finished the drafts of two other pieces for publication elsewhere. Today, I fulfilled my purpose as a writer. Tomorrow I will do the same.

No matter how I spend my day (even when I chose not to write), each entry begins the same way and ends with the same two sentences. In between, I limit myself to two or three sentences. This serves three purposes:

1. The first sentence affirms I am a writer now, not that I will be one someday. This encourages me to keep at it.

2. The short entries give me something tangible to review, especially on days when I’m stuck or feel like a failure.

3. The last sentence puts my mind to rest. Even if I left something undone, I did my best today. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I’ll have another opportunity.

Jennifer Lindsay began the Guild’s Apprentice course while earning her bachelor’s degree in English and has since completed the Journeyman and Craftsman courses. After 10 years as an editor for a hobby magazine, her focus shifted to church ministry in the United States and Uganda.

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