The Simple Truth

If you are writing for publication, simply craft an irresistible story. Stop looking for short cuts. Don’t print your manuscript on pink paper. Don’t email it to your favorite author. Keep working at it. Develop your skills.

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Life as a published author is not an endless tour of book signings. It is a seemingly endless round of sitting at your desk, staring at your computer, and hoping the words you type will carry the spark of life and a glimmer of truth to readers who choose your book.

Insane or blessed?

We are ministers to an unseen audience. Writing is hard, neither a higher nor lower calling than that of the Christian dentist, minister, electrician, or daycare worker. Some days I can’t imagine why any sane person would ever want to do this. Other days, I know I’m the most blessed woman alive.

As writers we struggle against pride when a book does well; we struggle against discouragement when it does not. We try to rejoice when a brother or sister succeeds; we resist the inner editor who would (incorrectly) assure us our work is better. Most of all, we strive to walk in the Truth enough to know what springs from self, and what from Spirit.

Being a writer is a unique joy

None of life’s experiences are ever wasted. If you write honestly, you will bare parts of yourself you would never show a neighbor. Yet you do it, hoping your revelation will spare someone else pain.

It comes to this: creatures find joy doing that which the Creator made them for. Birds put forth effort to soar. Salmon strive to swim upstream. And writers, through hard work, write stories that heal.

But there is joy in the effort. It’s that simple.

Angela Hunt has been writing since 1983 and has learned lots of lessons.


  1. says

    So nicely said. Writing is not always easy. But to not write, when that is what God has called you to do and gifted you with, well that’s even harder. As you said, “there is joy in the effort.” You summed it up perfectly.

  2. says

    I’m seventy-three years old and have been writing since I was ten. I self-published a book for children a few years ago, which enabled me to experience a small portion of the hard work involved to get my work into print. Writing is hard. But even at this late age, I’ll continue, because that is what God programmed into me. Maybe someday I’ll have the courage to begin submitting.

    • Shauna Hess Viele says

      Margaret, keep writing–the experience and stories you can share with others is invaluable!

      • Jan Wilson Chapman says

        Oh yes! I agree with Shauna…your life experiences are invaluable and certainly unique. Keep writing!

  3. Peggy Kennedy says

    I have almost given up writing because of discouragement I have been told that writing is like learning to play the violin. I have been doing a lot of screeching but I know God keeps calling me back to write. Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. Dellon Klint Woodard says

    Angelia keep strok’en those keys! If nothing else you’re vetting a vent of what is on your mind today. It may be much different tomorrow. Each life is a book worth telling less It be lost to the sands and winds of time or infirmity. It’s like a snap shot long forgotten that is best recalled by the memories of times of summer,tastes of sweet corn, smells of honeysuckle and dew or the tender caress of loved ones of long long ago. You are right, to not leave a record of the good in ones life would be like casting the seeds of faith, love, hope and charity in among the stones of hard times. There to wither amongst the hardened sharp dry thorns of despair. May God be with you and all your efforts ! Del

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