The Blessing of Writer’s Block

Critique Service

Critique Service

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You’re going to think, This girl has lost it!

I’m actually thankful for writer’s block.

I can’t believe I’m writing this. But it’s true.

I don’t care for the frustration of staring at a blank page or tossing aside one half-formed idea after another, but I am grateful for what writer’s block represents.

Just as illness is my body’s way of telling me something is wrong, I’ve come to see writer’s block as a symptom.

Perhaps I’m trying to force my protagonist to act out of character. Maybe the scene I’m working on has no place in my story. Or something in my real world needs resolution before I can live in my fictional world.

Seen this way, writer’s block becomes an opportunity to re-evaluate, revise, find resolution, and get moving again.

Jennifer Lindsay began the Guild’s Apprentice course while earning her bachelor’s degree in English and has since completed the Journeyman and Craftsman courses. She works as an editor for a hobby magazine and serves as the youth leader at her church. In 2011 she started The Writer’s Wellspring, a blog.

Writer’s Block image: Stuart Miles/

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