The Benefits of CWG Webinars

As a new writer, Debbie wasn’t sure where to start. She didn’t feel she could commit her time and finances to a course or attend our Writing for the Soul conference. But she wanted to learn and develop her writing skills. Then she found the Guild’s monthly webinars.

Debbie was able to fit two webinars per month into her schedule and learned ways to improve her writing through the instruction given by expert writers and speakers. After several months of attending the webinars, Debbie enrolled in one of the Guild’s writing courses, and recently has been published, fulfilling her dream. She still attends every webinar she can.


To register for March’s webinars with James Scott Bell and Janet Grant, call 866.495.5177.

We hear similar stories to this frequently, and all because of our monthly webinars. You don’t need a webcam or microphone, just access to the internet. The Guild’s webinars are a great way to start your writing journey, stay current in the publishing world, and complement your Date Host Title March 8, 2011 James Scott Bell Novel Structure March 24, 2011 Janet Grant Why and How to Obtain an Agent April 5, 2011 Jerry B. Jenkins Thick-skinned Critique April 21, 2011 Dennis E. Hensley Symbolism in Literary Writing May 3, 2011 Dallas Jenkins How to Present Christian Themes to a Mainstream Audience May 19, 2011 Matt Brown Websites Critique June 7, 2011 Michael Ehret News Writing June 23, 2011 Karen O’Connor 10 Steps to Becoming an Author Editors Can’t Resist July 5, 2011 Jerry B. Jenkins Thick-skinned Critique July 21, 2011 Marshal Younger Storytelling to Reach a Lost World August 9, 2011 Michael Ehret Nonfiction Manuscript Critique August 25, 2011 T. Suzanne Eller Using Social Media to Build Your Online Platform September 13, 2011 DiAnn Mills Crafting the Nonfiction Book Proposal September 20, 2011 Angela Hunt Plot Skeleton October 4, 2011 Jerry B. Jenkins Thick-skinned Critique October 20, 2011 Dennis E. Hensley Writing the Personal Testimony: Yours or Someone Else’s November 1, 2011 Michael Ehret Nonfiction Manuscript Critique November 17, 2011 Virelle Kidder Writing from Painful Experiences December 6, 2011 Lin Johnson Make Money Writing for Specialty Markets December 15, 2011 Jerry B. Jenkins Thick-skinned Critique


  1. says

    I think this is a great format for the webinars, having them all in one place in at-a-glance style. Thanks! They always creep up on me and I’m never prepared with time cleared or the money ready. This will certainly help.

    I hope you post updates a couple times throughout the year, like every quarter perhaps.

  2. Nathi Mhlaba says

    This sounds like a good programme. i would love to be a part of it but i am not sure how to do it all the way from South Africa. Please advise.

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