Striving to Arrive

Photo: Sandra P. Aldrich

Sandra P. Aldrich

I’ve been writing since childhood and have been published steadily since the 1970s. I once thought I would have achieved all my writing goals by the time I reached middle age. Now I’m a senior citizen.

Have I achieved those dreams? Some, but I keep adding new items to my list. Even with my newest book on the shelf, I still have themes I want to explore and characters I want to present. If we think we’ve arrived, we stop growing and our creativity dries up.

Keep running

We run. We don’t quit. Though I’ve been writing for decades, I’m still excited about sharpening my skills. That’s why I’m attending the Guild’s Writing for the Soul Conference, February 10 – 13. This year’s conference features keynote speakers Liz Curtis Higgs, Ken Davis, McNair Wilson, and many others. /images/promo-images/wfts.jpg” alt=”Writing for the Soul” />

Writing for the Soul

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    Hi Sandra, thanks for the good words. Because of my age, I have often felt the decision to write full time and seek publication is a futile dream, but thanks to CWG, not only instruction, but encouragement and opportunity are available to us at any age. I am so thankful for this community. Blessings at Christmas and hope to see you at the Writing for the Soul conference. Carmen

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