Steak or Tofu?

Going on the Daniel Fast before the 2012 Writing for the Soul writer’s conference was not my best idea. But it was a God idea.

I tried to remember that when they served me tofu, while everyone around me feasted on New York Strip.

I felt deprived.

But only in my meals, not with the substance of the conference. It was meaty. Spirit-filled. Christ-exalting.

And it was an answer to prayer.

When I went on the vegan diet for the fast, I was seeking direction, guidance, and a more intimate relationship with Christ.

After leaving the conference on Sunday, I traveled to Cheyenne WY, where I was scheduled to speak for three hours to a group of women. I worried I’d be exhausted.

Instead, the speakers for the Writing for the Soul conference had challenged me in my walk with Christ and in my divine call as a writer—I felt completely alive!

And that diet? I may have been eating light, but I was well-fed—in body and soul.

Pauline Hylton lives in Clearwater FL. She’s a graduate of the Christian Writers Guild’s Journeyman course. Her articles have appeared in the USA Today magazine, Your Life Guide to Women’s Health and Tallahassee Woman. Visit her online.

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