Social Media: Does It Work? Part 4

T. Suzanne Eller, a mentor for the Guild’s Building Your Social Media Platform course, concludes her four-part series on starting a personal blog and building a social media community. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 in this series.

It was important to me, as a mentor for the Guild’s social media course—which I also wrote, to start a blog, target a niche audience, and prove I could find online community.

Finding like-minded people
The 50 Days to Looking (and Feeling) Great blog was a personal challenge. When more than 4,000 people visited in the first 10 days, suddenly my challenge didn’t seem like such a huge endeavor. I no longer felt alone.

Visitors signed up for the blog by email and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Several shared their struggles and successes. What emerged was encouragement, information, and a combined interest—in other words, community.

That’s the goal
This was an experiment, but I’ve now purchased the domain and am creating PDF files to offer as freebies on the Resource page. I will launch as a valid blog. My hope is that this site will inspire me—and others—to live our best lives after 50.

Social media works. When you know why and what you are doing, it gives you the tools to connect with those searching for you and your message.

It can work for you, too. Don’t allow fear of technology to keep you from diving in. Enroll in Building Your Social Media Platform today.

React: Have you experimented with social media? What has been the result?

Suzie Eller is a blogger, author, CWG mentor, and Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker. Connect with Suzie online.


  1. Rachel Laird says

    Suzanne, I read all four parts of this Social Media and I found the information to be helpful but brief. Should all blogs be this short and to the point? I’ve been a holdout on Facebook for the longest time and I really am new to all of this.

  2. Suzanne Eller says

    Hey Rachel, When you write a blog post, you are competing with thousands of other media outlets. It needs to be concise and informative. I appreciate that you are waiting to learn more before diving into Facebook or blogging, so it sounds like the social media course might be a great fit for you (as well as others who are already using FB or blogging in ministry).

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