Social Media: Does It Work? Part 3

Suzie Eller, a mentor for the Guild’s Building Your Social Media Platform course, shares how she started a personal blog from scratch, hoping to show you how to get past typical roadblocks. See Part 1 and Part 2 in this series.

Facebook has changed multiple times in the past year. offers regular updates with new tools and fixes for old glitches. As I launched my new blog ( for this experiment, I ran into technical issues you might face.

Blog by design
My first challenge was the new options for design in WordPress. My ministry blog was designed by a professional four years ago. Adding and deleting design elements was new territory for me.

Scanning the themes, I found designs for a price, as well as for free. Some seemed a good fit; others had more options. I chose a free theme that was clean with a strong title section. It looks great, but it’s bare bones.

So I went back to the dashboard (think of it as the brain of your blog site). This is where you write blog posts, publish them, and add media. It’s also where you add or delete pages, change the theme, add widgets, and more.

Banish fear and try it
In the dashboard sidebar I chose Appearances and clicked on Widgets (automated applications in the form of on-screen tools). There were so many that this became my second challenge: Choosing what works.

I played with different widgets, clicked on the preview option, and voilà, I could see what they looked like. Some just cluttered my site. Others were a perfect fit.

I’m still experimenting. I plan to add a new Resource page. I just added a drop-down widget allowing visitors to choose archived blog posts by month.

The key is to explore without fear. Technology and programs change often. Be willing to try new options and use the Help section.

In my next (and last) post on this topic, learn how my new community inspired me to take my blog to the next level.

Suzie Eller is a blogger, author, CWG mentor, and Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker. Connect with Suzie online.

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