Social Media: Does it Work? Part 2

Last week I shared that I wanted to prove what we teach in the Guild’s social media course really works. So I started a blog from scratch to see what would happen.

I created the blog 50 Days to Looking (and Feeling) Great After 50 and brainstormed content that would offer specific value. Once my blog was complete, it was time to get the word out.

Lightning strikes
In the social media course, we talk about synergy. Synergy means a combined effort greater than its individual parts. This happens when one action—like a single blog post—takes on new life through word of mouth in online communities.

I began by sharing a link to my first 50 Days blog post on my personal Facebook page. I also tweeted about it. Soon the news was showing up in my friends’ newsfeeds. My goal was to connect with 100 targeted readers in the first week.

By Day Five I had received more than 4,000 unique hits, 150-plus subscribers by email, and twice that on my RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed!

Why did this happen? I see three distinct reasons:

  1. The topic hit an apparent felt need. Lots of people over the age of 50 want to feel and be at their best.
  2. People were excited and shared the information with their friends on Facebook and on Twitter.
  3. The new blog offered community. Living healthy is easier if you do it with others, right?

Easy for you to say
Perhaps you think I received results like these because I’m already an author? Well I’m far from well-known, but just in case, I did not link or talk about 50 Days to Looking (and Feeling) Great on my ministry blog or any of my ministry Facebook pages.

I would have been ecstatic if I had hit the original goal of 100 people, because I was connecting with a targeted audience and could build community from there. But 4,000?

It can work for you too
I am having a blast in this experiment! Best of all, it proves that you can use social media to reach real people with real needs through the passion on your heart.

In the next post, I’ll share some of the techie roadblocks I slammed into, as well as a couple of new tools I love.

Suzie’s tip of the week
Value and content are key to synergy. Create two weeks’ worth of blog posts and pre-post them.

React: What topic are you brainstorming that will connect with your readers’ felt needs–and that they’ll want to share in community?

Suzie Eller is a blogger, author, CWG mentor, and Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker. Connect with her online.


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    Thanks for sharing these great tips. I was a skeptic of social network. I share a weekly article by email with my friends and family who encouraged and nudged me to set up a blog. I did and was amazed to see more than 300 hits in 2 weeks from different countries. I don’t even have a Facebook account! After reading this, I know what to do to make it even better. God bless you.

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