Social Media: Does It Work? Part 1

T. Suzanne Eller, a Guild mentor for our Building Your Social Media Platform course, decided to experience the course with her first round of students by doing everything she asks them to do. Follow along on the next four Tuesdays to see what she discovers.

You know you need to create a social media platform, but the prospect is daunting. I know. I’ve been there.

I wrote the Guild’s Building Your Social Media Platform course and serve as one of its mentors, and to prove that it works, I created a new blog from scratch.

That’s what our course teaches students to do, but could I start over with a new topic and audience? Could I really design an inviting blog from the ground up? Could I get the word out effectively?

Passion and purpose
I’m passionate about healthy living, especially now in my fifties. So, I started a personal 50-day challenge and began keeping a journal. I decided to use this personal passion and my journal to launch my new blog.

My first task was to come up with a great title. I decided on 50 Days to Looking (and Feeling) Great After 50. Then, based on the criteria in the social media course, I came up with a core message and tagline.

I went to and created a new blog: I plan to purchase the domain.

Get creative
I played with several themes and decided on a super clean one that allows my title and images to pop. I also found some cool tools. has several options for widgets (tools you can add to your page). I chose the following:

  • An RSS feed
  • A counter
  • An option for readers to subscribe to the blog by email
  • The ability to show the last five comments on the main page.

The RSS feed and email options make it easier for people to read and interact. The counter helps me keep up with the number of visitors, and the comments widget is just cool—and gives a brief view of the conversations taking place.

My goal was to connect with 100 readers (real people with real needs) in the first week. But then the blog exploded . . .

I’ll share how and why next Tuesday in Social Media: Does It Work? . . . Part II.

Suzie’s tip of the week has several free themes—and some that cost. (I chose a free one.) Choose one that fits you, your content, and your audience. It has to look professional or people will not stay, even if the content is great.

React: What is keeping you from establishing your social media platform?

T. Suzanne Eller is a blogger, author, CWG mentor, and Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker. Connect with her online.


  1. Rachel Laird says

    Suzanne, what’s stopping me from creating a blog? I don’t know what I can do that hasn’t been done many times already. My top three passions are reading, writing and music, but how can I make it interesting where people will read it?

    I’ll definitely read your follow-up articles.

  2. says

    Rachel, if we stopped ministry or an endeavor because it has already been done, there would be no more books, no more new songs, no more . . . [fill in the blank with thousands of things]. The question is: what message do you have that others are seeking? And second, how can you do that in a creative way that connects and builds community? Until we know who we are, who are audience is, and the message that we want to share we might be confused as to what value our message, and blogging, and social media might bring to a very specific audience. These are all questions we answer in the social media course.

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