Six Ways to Keep Writing (When You Feel Like Quitting)

Cookies. Candy. Coffee. Do you reach for them as easily as a paper clip, pen, or your style guide?

What you eat, how you exercitse, and how long you sleep affect your ability to think, write, meet deadlines, and sustain a writing career. You may have the necessary office equipment, but be sure you don’t neglect the most important piece—your health.

Wellness expert Solveig (soul-vay) Fuentes says we can achieve health “and hold onto it by taking care of ourselves in basic ways.” Fuentes’s “Simple Six” can make a difference in your creative life.

  1. Water. Drink a tall glass (not tea, coffee, or juice) when you wake to lubricate your system. Then drink at least four ounces every hour. Keep a glass on your desk as a reminder.
  2. Exercise. Choose one activity daily, such as walking, running, biking, or swimming. “Do what you enjoy!” Fuentes says.
  3. Food. Select living foods—an apple or orange off the tree—when possible. Crunchy carrots from a farm stand. Fresh salads. Skip the chips and dip. They put you down when you want to be up.
  4. Affirmations. Personalize your favorite Scriptures and recite those. “For God so loved me that He…”
  5. Supplements. “Unfortunately our food doesn’t deliver all the nutrients we need,” Fuentes says. “We can all use help from quality supplements.”
  6. Sleep. It’s underrated! Fuentes claims a short nap can do wonders to refresh your mind. Many people are chronically tired––even too tired to enjoy time off.

Six simple suggestions can lead to healthy results in your life and in your writing career.

React: In what ways are you a good steward of your health?

Karen O’Connor is a mentor for Christian Writers Guild and an award-winning author of books and articles for children and adults. Visit her online.


  1. Linda Kornegay says

    What a great way to start this new year. Water does lubricate my body and brain. I like the sipping idea. Thank you from Alabama.

  2. says

    Wonderful advice Karen!
    Thank you so much!I thank God I discovered your wonderful books, my friend, & I love all of them! You are such an inspiration to everyone who reads,literally everything you write!
    May God keep on blessing you with more inspiration’s
    Sending love, blessings, & hugs to you.
    Cathy Hopper

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