Review: ‘The Chase’

DiAnn Mills, Craftsman mentor for the Christian Writers Guild, sets the stage for a new team of crime solvers with her latest novel, The Chase.

Kariss Walker is a New York Times bestselling fiction writer, but the long-unsolved barbaric murder of a child known only as Cherished Doe, which she once reported on, has never left her.

FBI Agent Tigo Harris is driven. He has no time to shepherd a writer he finds obnoxious and heedlessly impulsive. However, when Kariss’s research and Tigo’s weapon smuggling case collide, more than bullets start flying.

The Chase is the first title in Mills’s new series: Crime Scene Houston. Murder and gang warfare set the stage, but the focus is on the main characters’ personal lives and how their pasts and present affect their choices, relationships, and what they believe about God and eternity.

For the first third of the book, I found it difficult to connect with Kariss. I felt her character never fully emerged because she held everything so tight to the vest. Tigo, on the other hand, was fleshed out well. His storyline and character immediately drew me in.

As the story progressed, I enjoyed the changing dynamic between Tigo and Kariss and seeing how the pieces to two separate puzzles fit together.

The Chase offers an enjoyable way to spend a weekend. I look forward to seeing how Mills uses her nosy writer and ruggedly handsome FBI agent to solve more crimes.

Jennifer Lindsay began the Guild’s Apprentice course while earning her bachelor’s degree in English and has since completed the Journeyman and Craftsman courses. She works as an editor for a hobby magazine and serves as the youth leader at her church. In 2011 she started The Writer’s Wellspring, a blog.

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