Reconnecting with your Creativity

For more than a year, I’d churned out a 200-page compilation book every five weeks. I read more than 100 manuscripts a month, chose and edited 40, and even typeset the books and paid the authors. My world revolved around producing those books.

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When that 12-book contract ended, I was exhausted. But I still needed to pay bills. So I tried to keep at it, but I was out of creative energy.

Chances are you’ve felt that mental exhaustion from the busy pace of life. Here are four ideas to rejuvenate you.

Mr. Sandman

The first step is to rest. Even God created for six days and then rested. He just didn’t move on to the next chore.

When we rest, our bodies and minds have the amazing ability to heal themselves and sort through the debris. In the long run, resting is much more productive than pushing yourself to keep going.


Enjoy time with your family and friends. No agenda, no expectations—just time to relish the warmth and companionship of those who leave you feeling refreshed.


I can be revitalized by puttering around with my plants or wandering through a nursery. Maybe your hobby is biking. Or creating jewelry. Or antiquing. Focusing on something else you love can kick start your creativity.


As a Christian writer you have the benefit of a permanent co-Author: the Creator. When you write, He gives you the incredible privilege of creating new worlds for your readers—new thoughts and scenes to bring them closer to Him.

Keep your relationship with your co-Author strong through prayer, worship, and studying His writings. As you wait upon Him, your strength will be renewed (Isaiah 40:31).

You’re not alone. We’ve all felt tired and disconnected from creativity. But don’t stay there. Take steps today to reconnect.

A prolific writer and editor, Jeanette has served on staff with eight publications, including Moody magazine and a book publisher. Books she has written or co-authored include When Your Teen Goes Astray, What’s in the Bible for Teens, Light the Torch, Pass the Flame, Living the Serenity Prayer, and Hugs for Coffee Lovers.


  1. says

    Thanks for the article. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m kind of in that place now. I have been doing edits for weeks and am at a point where I can start the third book in the series, but don’t feel the motivation. My characters have been so noisy, but have recently become silent. I want them to wake up but they seem to be refusing.

  2. janiese says

    I appreciate this article. I’ve written several short stories, and I needed encouragement to take the next step to get them published. I love the Lord and I know He has guided me this far. Sometimes, I’m unsure of myself. Thank you Janiese

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