Preparing for Your Author Interviews

Once your novel has been released, be prepared for media interviews.

Where to look
The chances that Oprah will call are slim, but opportunities for author interviews abound. Contact your local newspaper or radio or television station and see if they would be interested in interviewing a local author. Because your book is a novel, the subject of the interview will likely be you and not much about the story.

Look for blogs that interview new authors or even another author who might be willing to interview you on his or her website. Interview yourself and put it on your website.

Be ready
Don’t wait for the phone call—prepare now by:

  1. Creating a list of questions:Believe it or not, few interviewers write their own questions, so awaken your inner Boy Scout and be prepared. Send questions that will work whether the interviewer has read your book or not. Too few do, and there’s nothing worse than an interview that begins, “So, what’s your novel about?”
  2. Knowing your story:Be able to succinctly explain your plot and why people will want to read your book. Remember the elevator pitch that secured that appointment with your dream editor? Pull that out and polish it.
  3. Knowing your story: I’m not being repetitive. You also need to know the story behind your book. Why did you write it? How did you come up with the idea? Is any of it based on real events? A great story will have a great backstory.

Now go tell the world about your novel.

React: In 25 words or less, share the elevator pitch for your latest manuscript. This is like a TV show description in TV Guide. Example: A doctor tries to help a pregnant friend who has a brain tumor, while also treating a young boy with sickle-cell anemia.

Heather Kreke is a graduate of our Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman courses. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pa., with her husband and two daughters. Heather is an avid reader and hopes to inspire youth to seek God’s will for their lives through her writing.


  1. cathrine McCulloch says

    Hi Heather
    I am on the verge of letting my writing have wings. I do desire for God to get much glory out of my life’s story. I sing pro and I have a lot to say to the abused, through my songs and now my books. I survived a brutal childhood and adult life of extreem abuse by my families hands. I desire to publish several quick read books also. Thank you so much for the advise. Blessings….

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