Preparing a Winning Book Proposal

The Writing for the Soul conference is just around the bend! I’ll be at this conference and I hope you will, too. This is your chance to show your book ideas to the editors and faculty members you speak with.

But how can you present your material in a professional way? Here’s a list of the items to include in a nonfiction book proposal that has worked for thousands of writers over the years. For fiction, see the end of the blog.

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Karen O’Connor will teach Writing Nonfiction Books that Sell and Keep Selling at the /conference/”>Writing for the Soul. Enroll today!

Karen O’Connor is an award-winning author of 60 books and hundreds of magazine articles for children and adults, a retreat and conference speaker, and a writing instructor with 25 years of experience. Her most recent books are It’s Taken Years to Get This Old and 365 Reasons Why Gettin’ Old Ain’t So Bad (Harvest House 2010).

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