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“There are few things more destructive than unrelenting shame…”

Little is known of the real life of Rahab, yet when we think of women God has used in a mighty way, she is one of the first who comes to mind. Debut novelist Tessa Afshar not only captures the essence of an amazing woman of faith in Pearl in the Sand, but she also digs deep into the hurt of far too many women, exposing the enemy’s biggest lie.

Rahab was fifteen years old when her beloved Abba asked of her the impossible—to prostitute herself to ensure the salvation of her family. However, everything changes when she hears of the Hebrews and their god. The more she hears, the more she longs for the compassion and acceptance of this deity. She risks everything, becoming a traitor to her people, for a chance at a new life. She meets her biggest challenge in Salmone, a leader of the tribe of Judah under whom her family is placed after the fall of Jericho and the man who would ultimately become her husband.

While Pearl in the Sand follows the budding relationship between Rahab and Salmone, the true story is of God’s love for his children. As a woman who struggles with deep shame and fear because of an act I had no control over, I was surprised by how much Rahab’s heartache echoed my own. Through tears, God opened my heart to see that, like Rahab, I am of great worth and value to Him, and I no longer need be held captive to my past.

Pearl in the Sand paints a beautiful picture of redemption with deep, realistic characters woven in a mixture of well-written prose, intense action, and a keen understanding of God’s word.

Published by Moody Press
Released Fall 2010
ISBN-13: 978-0-8024-5881-0
ISBN-10: 0-8024-5881-5

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